HIIT Workout Plan

High Performance Cardiovascular Conditioning 

Dominic Paris, Team Oscar De La Hoya 

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This HIIT Workout Plan is a 6 Week Power Interval Training Program

This 6 week program have been designed for the preparation of professional fighters for specific cardiovascular conditioning.

 It is composed of:

 2 weeks to improve aerobic endurance using the method “Fartlek”

 3 weeks for developing aerobic power at the anaerobic threshold

 1 week for active recovery

  If you are already in a good shape, you will reach a “fighting shape” by the end of this cycle.

 If you got already a good aerobic endurance, you may start directly with the 3 week of interval training.


 improve aerobic capacity and power (Anaerobic threshold, VO2max), 

 improve speed integrated with aerobic power,

 improve faster recovery between high intensity intervals

 improve the capacity for multiple explosive bouts inside a time interval.

This training program should be used in pre-training camp, so the fighter will start the specific training camp (heavy sparring) with a strong cardiovascular conditioning).

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